Bible and me

Are you interested in Salvation?  Are you concerned about your status of spirit?
How about the eternal life? The world are in many conflicts and problems.  Do you know why? What are the reasons for all problems we are facing in this world? 

It is because of sinful nature of human, and we need to be free from sins to bring the peace, not only into this world but also with God who created us all.  We need to repent our sins toward God and have new and changed mind and spirit. And we need to receive forgiveness.

  • Please see the following video to help you understand!
          What must I do to be Saved?

  • Here is a great summary and explanation about Born Again and Salvation.  Please read over and over again with sincere heart and humble mind.  Thanks for reading this.
          Born Again:How to be Saved?

  • Keys to Powerful Living: Repentance, the most important spiritual principles in the Bible!
          Keys to Powerful Living: Repentance

  • Here are series of Videos that explain steps very clearly by Pastor Dave Pawson.
          Born Again - Repent your Sins - Believe in Lord Jesus - Be Baptized - Receive Holy Spirt

          Thanks for watching.

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